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On Site / Mobile Service

We offer an on site / mobile service to repair your vehicle in a timely manner to have you on your way as soon as possible. Our on site vehicle carries a lot of items that may be required, but does not have everything, so if you know you need something specific, please advise our technicians  when you call and (if possible) parts can be arranged before we commence repairs.


Classic Cars

Classic car work is available, and having a couple myself, I understand the trouble of finding people that understand the passion and work that has gone into your project

My classic car passion lies in the finned era cars, but I have repaired many earlier and later cars

I can normally repair wiring harnesses in these old cars, but concourse wiring (cotton covered and  OEM wiring terminations) can be challenging and sometimes, not possible with what is currently available locally and does require world wide searching

If your wiring isn't up to scratch, it may be possible to "tidy" it up to good driver standard without the need for total replacement

Auto Air Conditioning

Beacon Auto Electrical are licensed repairers and installers of Air Conditioning Systems (Arctick License Number AU-23295).

If your vehicles Air Conditioner is not as cold as it should be or has not had a service in a while (We recommend annually) give us a call and we will repair it for you.

Did you know that your normal vehicle service does not include an Air Con service? This surprises a lot of people.

It is also recommended that your Air Con is operated for a minimum of 5 minutes per week. Some cars have systems that try to make this happen but not all (especially the older cars). You can operate the heater and Air Con at the same time to quickly demist your windows. This is one way of ensuring your Air Con gets used during the colder months.


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